The Spirit Light Network Teams
Spirit Light Network
We tread where others dread...
We currently have 2 teams operating in and around the New England Area:

• The Spirit Light Team
• Connecticut Chapter

The Spirit Light Network Team

Rev. Steven Wilson
As an ordained spiritualist minister, teacher and shamanic practitioner, Steve heads up the Spirit Light Network. He is our lead investigator and brings more than 30 years of valuable and varied experience in the world of the paranormal. He has changed many lives with his healing gifts and he is a Usui / Shambala Reiki Master, Qi Gong Practitioner, Channeler and Medium.  He and Bety began a writing partnership a few years ago that includes writing The Reluctant Empath, and their newest book - The Empath's Quest, due out in late 2016.  These books were written to help those who are or who know people who are empathic - human sponges who feel the emotions of everyone around them and don't know what to do about it.

Bety Comerford
Bety brings a variety of gifts to the group. Her strong medium and intuitive abilities, her training as an Historian and her analytical skills gained by over 20 years in the financial field gives her a good balance between the world of the living and the world of the dead. She is a  shamanic practitioner, Certified Angel Practitioner, Usui Reiki Master, and Third Level Magnified Healer/Teacher. She is the author of, "Ghost and Shamanic Tales of True Hauntings," a chronicle of the team's more interesting ghost investigations as well as simple easy to follow how to's on various energy techniques to improve your daily life,.  She and Steve are the authors of The Reluctant Empath and Tthe Empath's Quest.  Bety is an ordained  Spiritualist Minister.  

Amy Wilkins
As an empath and psychic, Amy has communicated with Spirit since childhood. Now a Hospice nurse and energy healer, Amy brings her knowledge of South American shamanism, as well as her innate compassion and understanding, to assisting people to deal with their paranormal experiences and in helping souls to find their way Home. Amy is our EVP technician and has captured extraordinary EVPs during several of our investigations.

Michelle Motuzas
Michelle is adept in using her psychic and empathic abilities in her work as an artist and as a tour guide in various historical locations throughout New England. She is particularly gifted in clairaudience, a valuable asset when trying to ascertain the names of those who are haunting a particular area.
She is the creator of "Shamanic Healing Oracle Cards", a deck of highly intuitive oracle cards featuring Michelle's art.  They can be ordered here.

Joanne Martel
Joanne is an investigator-in-training and brings empathic and psychic abilities to her work in trying to help those on the other side to gain peace and understanding in the afterlife. She is also a Reiki Practitioner and combines her healing abilities with her job as a nurse.

Nanci MacKenzie - Nanci is another investigator-in training, using her strong psychic abilities to communicate with the other side.  She is a Reiki
Master and a registered nurse and is an ordained Spiritualist Minister.

Dan Pratt - Dan is an investigator-in-training, with strong empathic and psychic abilities.  He has taken many extraordinary pictures that features spirit and unexplained orbs.  He also is an ordained Spiritualist Minister.

Connecticut Chapter

Joy Gaffney
Is the lead investigator for our Connecticut team. Joy has been an empath all her life and developed her strong intuitive abilities through many years of studying the ways of a Shaman. She has a strong background in teaching and leading large groups. She has a diverse background as a holistic wellness practitioner where she offers her expertise as a Therapeutic Massage Therapist, Reiki Master/Healer, Psychic/Medium and Spiritual Counselor. Joy utilizes her strong intuitive gifts as a Psychic/Medium to help others find peace and reconciliation with their loved ones on both the physical and spiritual plane.

David Wetherell
David is the team’s expert in land clearings. His shamanic connection to the earth energies and his deep interest in indigenous cultures and their shamanic practices has enabled the network to increase its activities in the area of land clearings and land blessings.