Our Philosophy
Spirit Light Network
We tread where others dread...
We believe that spirits stuck on the earth plane should be given a chance to find their way Home. Some say, what if they do not want to go? We have found when they are given a chance to experience what Home feels like, they either choose to stay here and assist, or leave to continue their journey. We facilitate this change by transmuting their emotions and showing them that their guilt, fear, or anger is forgiven. Many times this makes life for the living much more pleasant because they are not left with any residual interference of energy from the deceased. Nothing is forced; we only provide a knowing of the alternative through our ability to be vessels of compassionate, loving, and non-judgmental energy. We have also discovered that psychic phenomena isn't always what we first perceive, and we work diligently to understand what is truly causing a haunting. Drama in life equals drama in death. We do not claim to know all the answers, but we do strive to improve upon our abilities to sift through the evidence psychically, empathetically and logically.

This is our creed.

Here are some of the reasons for hauntings we frequesntly encounter:

• Guilt
• Unfinished business
• Materialism
• Remorse over missed opportunities
• Fear
• Anger

All these reasons contribute to a lessening of an energy experience in life which leads to a limited energy system in death. So, as we gather our body of information through our investigations, we are continually seeking a better paradigm through which to understand the purpose of life, the reality of death and the ties that can continue to bind the two.

• Oppression by a more powerful spirit
• False belief system
• Mischief makers
• Wanting their story told
• Not knowing they're dead

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