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New Hampshire
The House That Hated People 

Date:Autumn 2007
Location: Salem, NH

Historical Background A lovely farmhouse over 100 years old, situated near a schoolyard. The owner bought the property about 3 years ago as an investment and began renting it out immediately.  She soon discovered there was something terribly wrong with the house.  Structurally it was sound, but a darkness seemed to permeate the inhabitants. Each tenant was suddenly struck with the worst luck imaginable. One family was struck with major illness, another also suffered major illness, to the point of being incapacitated to work. Another suffered loss of job and break-up of marriage. A successful legal firm moved in, only to find all its business dry up in six months, forcing them to close shop. The last tenants, struck down by illness, loss of job and tensions within the family, which had not existed before moving into the house, left in the middle of the night, leaving their belongings behind. Whenever the owner would come to the house to work on it, she would feel uneasy, convinced she was being watched. She would see dark shadows out of the corner of her eye and would always try to have someone come with her so she wouldn’t be alone in the house. She became so worried about renting the house out again that she called us in to investigate.

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Bety Comerford  (founding member of the Spirit Light Network)
August 28, 2012