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New Hampshire
Vampires Anyone?

Date:Early Winter 2008
Location: Gilson Cemetery -- Hollis, NH

Historical Background Scattered gravestones dating from early to mid 1800s dot this small roadside cemetery. Over the years many people have reported anomalies and dark shadows disappearing INTO the gravestones. Orbs and ghostly voices have been reported captured, cameras have stopped working and people swear they are being watched when they enter the graveyard.

It is well documented that in the 1800’s, there was a belief in many New England towns that if a series of sudden deaths occurred, it could be the work of a vampire.  A well known case of this is the story of Rhode Islander Mercy Brown, who in 1892, was believed to have been a vampire.

Findings:  We arrived around 9 pm one early winter evening and just as we were crossing the quiet street to enter the graveyard, we saw a large shadow dart across the stone wall that encloses the graveyard. There were no cars nor any animals that would have created such a large shadow. It moved along the length of the wall, then disappeared. We captured many orbs that night, including those of different colors. Two members of the group experienced a sudden wave of nausea, followed by the distinct feeling of the presence of a man, very much they do this?” We were immediately drawn to a tombstone at the far end of the cemetery that belonged to a little boy. As we approached, we felt the little boy was this man’s son. From what we could ascertain, there had been much sickness in the area and although the boy was already dead 

by the time these sicknesses occurred, he was blamed for them. We believe it was possible that some of the townspeople may have seen his spirit and, not understanding the subject of ghostly visitations, believed he had returned to do mischief. It is our belief that the townspeople dug up the boy’s body to stop the illnesses from continuing.

Conclusion:   We believe the father was stuck at the cemetery, still mourning what had befallen the body of his child and still trying to protect his son’s gravesite.

Reason for Haunting:  The father’s emotional frenzy at seeing his son accused of vampirism and watching the body being dug up caused his spirit to be laden with strong emotions that were not dissipated at time of death. His anxiety and horror and need to still stand guard over the gravesite kept him tied to the graveyard, reliving his emotional trauma over and over..

Case Pending.