Interview with Steve & Bety about the work of the Spirit Light Network  

Live Interview:  City Life -- hosted by John McDonough
Thursdday, October 25, 2012 --  6:00-8:00 am
Live on the Lowell, MA local cable station - Comcast Channel 8 - and streaming live via their website:

Steve and Bety will be discussing ghosts and the paranormal and our unique approach to the world of spirits.
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Ghost Hunters Spotlight on Ghost Village Radio

Episode 44: Ghost Hunters Spotlight – The Spirit Light Network
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Interview on the work of the Spirit Light Network 

Article:   Ghost Whisperers
By Kathleen Kirwin / Staff Writer
GateHouse News Service / Westford Eagle
Posted March 13, 2008

Westford, MA — A figure stood in a graveyard in Westford. His old army fatigues didn’t flutter although there was a slight breeze outside. He stared ahead as he had always done since his death during World War I in 1918.

“Some people don’t even know they are dead,” said Bety Comerford, Westford resident and member of the paranormal group Spirit Light Network. The small group of investigators came across this WWI soldier’s ghost during one of their investigations around Westford. After speaking with the soldier the group discovered he had...

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Interview with Bety on the new book highlighting the work of the Spirit Light Network 

Article:   Bety Comerford on her new book 'Ghost and Shamanic Tales Of True Hauntings'
By Jeffery Pritchett / Marianna Paranormal Examiner
Posted September 4, 2012
Show description: Maureen and Ron venture to Wilson World, the spiritual headquarters of the Spirit Light Network. Led by shaman and psychic, the Reverend Steve Wilson, the Spirit Light Network was formed as a non-profit organization dedicated to the study and bringing to light the truth of life after death and phenomenon of the paranormal from a spiritual, religious, and scientific prospective. The audio is weak, but the conversation is extremely interesting. Tune in and discover it for yourself. excerpt...

1. What was the guiding inspiration behind the creation of your new book Ghost and Shamanic Tales Of True Hauntings?Bety Comerford: There are so many books out in the market that tell ghost stories, but most have no resolution to the haunting, or explain why a haunting may be taking place. As shamans, we learned how energy will keep a spirit from moving on and, more importantly, how the living many times will unwittingly contribute to a haunting. We wanted to share our findings with the public. At the same time, we felt it would be useful to help people in their everyday lives by providing easy, how-to lessons at the end of each chapter on different energy techniques to improve the reader’s life. For example, how many people feel completely overwhelmed walking through a mall during the holidays? Or how many people have a friend or someone they’ve met that they talk to and yet, when the conversation is done, they feel completely drained? The lessons in this book will hopefully help the reader understand why this happens and what to do to prevent it. Therefore, we hope to entertain, but educate as well.

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Interview with Bety about the new "Ghost and Shamanic Tales of True Hauntings" book  

Internet show:  Just Say'in -- with Mary Gasparo & Kim Risinger
Monday, October 22, 2012 --  8:00-9:00 pm
Streaming live on the Para Encounters Network website:
Up for Discussion with Jeff and Shannon Sylvia.  Bety and Steve come up at the 20 minute mark.
New Earth Lifestyles with Jane E. King
Spirit Radio - The Paranomal Experience with Lynne Nickerson & Willy Hassell 
Video of our appearance on Spirit Radio - The Paranormal Experience (audio version is below).