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World War I Never Ended

Date:Summer 2007
Location: Westford, MA

Historical Background The owner has reported being pushed several times, including once down a flight of stairs, resulting in severe injury to her leg. Has also reported seeing the spirit of a man in her home and hearing a male voice call her name.

Findings:  Upon arriving at the home, we noticed a memorial plaque on the corner of her property which commemorated the memory of a soldier killed in World War I. Entering the home, we at first felt nothing, but had to immediately leave when a member of our team suddenly became very ill and could not carry on. In the car, she reported feeling as though she was being torn apart and she could see nothing except flashes of lights before her eyes. When we got her home, we realized she had a spirit that had attached itself to her and we proceeded to detach the spirit. After a half hour of working on her, she began to feel better and quickly recovered.

Conclusion:   The team member’s description of what she was feeling and seeing led us to the conclusion that she was reliving the soldier’s death. From what we could ascertain, he had been blown up in Europe, suffering horrendous injury before dying of his wounds. The flashing of lights reported by the team member were the bombs exploding around the soldier. Later research into the soldier’s fate revealed that he had indeed been blown up in the War.

Reason for Haunting:  When we made contact with the spirit, he revealed to us that because of the horror of the War, he had stopped believing in a Supreme Being, but was afraid to move on in case there really was a Supreme Being. He was frightened that God would be angry with him for turning away. We spoke with him at length, persuading him that it didn’t matter what he did or did not believe.  No one would be angry with him. He needed to forgive himself and move on. Another reason he had not been able to move on was because he was still feeling the pain and trauma he had suffered at the moment of his death. As a result of the team member literally reliving his death, the soldier was now free of that trauma and, coupled with our persuasions that it was alright for him to go Home, he was finally released. The owner of the house has reported a sense of calm and peace at the house that did not exist before. As of this writing, she has had no other paranormal occurrences in the home.

Case Closed.