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Playing with TNT

Date:Fall 2007
Location: North Adams, MA

Historical Background The Hoosac Tunnel is a railroad tunnel in the North Berkshires that took over 30 years to complete between the years 1841 – 1875. 200 deaths occurred during the building of the tunnel, many from explosions, drownings and fires. It has been documented that at least one death may have caused by the ghosts of his companions when a nitro glycerin charge (nitro glycerin use was still in its infancy) was prematurely set off, burying two workmen under tons of rock.  The man who had prematurely set off the charge was found a year later at the exact spot where his two co-workers had died. He had been strangled to death. Over the years, people have reported seeing lights and the lantern of a railroad man signaling the arrival of a train that does not come.

Note the huge orb near top of the entrance to the tunnel.
Findings:  We arrived at the tunnel on a bright, sunny fall day. Walking towards the entrance, we all began to feel anxious and nervous, feelings that increased the closer we got to the tunnel. We did not know the history of the tunnel at the time, only that men had died building it. Upon entering the tunnel, the anxiety increased and as we walked into the total darkness, we saw lights dancing ahead of us in the pitch black gloom. We heard what appeared to be pick-axes and in the pictures taken, we could see large orbs.

Conclusion:   Because nitro glycerin was just being introduced, its use was cause for great anxiety. We believe we picked up on this anxiety of the workmen who died handling this deadly explosive. The lights may have been the lanterns men had to use back then when they were working within the tunnel and at least one of the members heard distinctly a male voice saying “Get Out!”

Reason for Haunting:  When a sudden traumatic death occurs, the deceased may not realize they have died. Because of the large number of dead and the ghastly way they met their ends, they did not know that they were in fact dead and they were still reporting for work, hauling their pick axes and chiseling away at the rock to make the Hoosac tunnel.

Case Closed.