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The Houghton Mansion

Date:Fall 2006 and 2007
Location: North Adams, MA

Historical Background The Houghton Mansion dates from the 1890s and was built for North Adams’ first mayor. Despite his prominence in the town, Mr. Houghton suffered a terrible tragedy when his daughter Mary was killed in an auto accident, followed the next day by the suicide of the chauffeur, John Widders, who’d been driving the car. It wasn’t too long after this that Mr. Houghton himself died, some say due to the immense grief he suffered at the death of these two people. It is now believed that these three people haunt the mansion.  After his death, the mansion moved through many hands and now houses a large Masonic Temple on the second floor.

Findings:  The team has been privileged to visit the mansion several times as part of paranormal conferences put on by the Berkshire Paranormal Group (who run the mansion) and the New England Ghost Project. On the team’s first visit, several members of the team heard the words “Get Out” as they ascended the master staircase. The team believes these words came from Mr. Houghton.  However, during this visit and subsequent ones, the team came upon evidence of hauntings that did not involve Mr. Houghton, Mary Houghton or John Widders. The team encountered the ghosts of two girls who died nearby who play pranks throughout the house, specifically creating the noises many people have heard. Yet the most prevalent spirit the team encountered was that of a very malevolent figure who, the team believes, is responsible for many of the physical attacks that have taken place in the mansion, even to the point of knocking over a tray of food at a restaurant where the team was dining. Although these views are that of the team and do not correspond to the beliefs of other paranormal teams, the team strongly believes that this entity is not that of Mr. Houghton, but of someone from the past who committed various acts of abuse and depravity and has 

been drawn by the strong energy from the Masonic Temple located on the 2nd floor of the mansion.  At first the team tried to correspond the malevolent figure to that of Mr. Houghton, but throughout their visits, more information came to light that discounted Mr. Houghton. On our second visit one year later, this spirit made himself more known, first appearing in a dress but strangely wearing a mask. That night, each member ofthe team dreamt of a man wearing a mask. During the investigation, one of the members channeled this spirit who warned the group that our meddling in his affairs would be punished. At a séance held that evening, a spirit tried diligently to enter all who participated in the séance. He was kept at bay initially by members who knew how to increase the energy of the circle. Suddenly, someone yelled out “He deserves to be punished” and broke the protection of the circle, allowing him to enter and throw to the ground a member of another paranormal group. Was this spirit the one who warned the team earlier?  Or was this indeed Mr. Houghton believing he has nothing to be punished for? The team believes Mr. Houghton to be stuck due to grief, not guilt. The rage of the offending spirit that invaded the circle did not appear to be that of a grieving father, or someone who carries guilt. On the contrary. Was the rage shown by this spirit done in order to intimidate and show his power as in the warning he’d given to the team earlier? Despite these initial suspicions, the identity of this spirit is yet to be determined.

Conclusion: The team is still gathering evidence as to the identity of this malevolent spirit. Members of other groups have contacted us corroborating their belief in our findings. As of this date, the harassment by this spirit continues at the Houghton Mansion and has appeared at several investigations conducted by our team at other locations.

Reason for Haunting:  To anyone who has ever visited the Houghton Mansion, the large Masonic Temple on the 2nd floor is an incredibly powerful room.  We believe this dark entity is drawn by the power of the room and enjoys using a smokescreen to hide his identity. Although Mr. Houghton does haunt his old home, the team does not believe that he is the main culprit for many of the hauntings reported there. The team believes it is this entity, as well as the two girls that also haunt the mansion who are responsible for much of the activity reported and experienced over the years.

Case Pending.
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