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Don’t Want to Be Like You People

Date:November 2006
Location: Lowell, MA

Historical Background Having just moved into a new condo, the owner began to experience paranormal phenomena on a nightly basis. There was tapping on the wall behind her bed, hot and cold spots in the apartment, the feeling of not being alone and the sound of people talking in her living room, though there was no one there. The activities continued to increase until one evening when she heard a musical instrument stored in her closet begin to play on its own. By this time, she was ready to sell the condo at a loss and move out.

Findings:  The team visited the owner on four separate occasions, each time clearing her apartment of spirits.  The first visit resulted in the discovery of three spirits, captured below in a photo. There was no sense of negativity related to these spirits; on the contrary, they were non-threatening.  One was of a 

Notice the three orbs - representing the three spirits the team found during
the investigation.
homeless man who had died near the condo complex, another was a woman who had died alone and lonely and the third turned out to be the spirit of a man the owner had worked with years ago who had always been protective of her and who, in death, continued to be protective of her.

Conclusion:   With each visit, we felt no negativity.  Instead, we concluded that it was not the condo that was haunted, but the woman.  In other words, in a recurring theme we have discovered in many of our investigations, the woman was a natural psychic who was drawing these spirits to her, although as she once told us, “I don’t want to be like you people”. Over time, she admitted that she had experienced hauntings all her life. We were able to educate her on the use of her gifts and relieve much of the fear and misunderstandings she had towards spirits. As of this writing, she remains in her condo and has learned to manage her gifts and the ghosts that follow her home.

Reason for Haunting:  We are discovering more and more the phenomena we call “haunted people”.  That is, people who are natural psychics, but do not realize it.  To a ghost that is stuck or lost, a psychic person is like a light to them and they are naturally drawn to that light, seeking help, refuge or companionship.  As part of our services, we educate a “haunted person” not to fear their gifts, and how they can use these gifts to assist those who have, for one reason or another, not been able to find their way Home.

Case Closed.