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The House With a Past

Date:Spring 2010
Location: Gloucester, MA

Historical Background In the one hundred years of its existence, the house has evolved from that of a home of a wealthy Gloucester businessman to a home of spinster sisters to, more recently, a house where violence and drug activity had been rampant. A family of four bought the lovely three story house that sits on the ocean about six months ago, hoping for a brand new start.  What they didn’t count on were the ghostly inhabitants of years past who still call the house home.

Findings:  The woman of the home is very sensitive to the energies in the house. She has experienced feelings of being choked, of being followed about the house, of smelling cigar smoke, and her children have reported seeing the apparition of both a man and a woman in their rooms. It has frightened them so much, they are afraid to sleep at night. When the team arrived, several of the team members felt the same sensation of choking.  There were also feelings of anger and guilt. One of the team members, in walking down the cellar stairs, felt as though she were falling down the stairs. The team had no knowledge of the history of the home at the time of the investigation.

Conclusion:   The owner had done extensive research into the history of the home and informed the team that the original builder of the home had been a successful business man in Gloucester, owning one of the saw mills in town. Behind the house was another structure where his workmen used to live. She discovered that one of the workmen hung himself and the team feels that the energy of the workman is still present. She was also able to discover that the original owner was a cigar smoker and that indeed, one of the spinster sisters who lived in the house in the 1950s, fell down the cellar steps and died of her injuries.

Reason for Haunting:  Whenever a violent death occurs, there is a high probability that a haunting will take place, because, in the case of the woman falling down the stairs, death may have occurred so quickly, she does not realize she is dead.  In the case of the workman who committed suicide, it has been the team’s

findingsIn the case of the workman who committed suicide, it has been the team’s findings that suicides will cling to the place of death, unable to move on because of the reasons that drove them to take their lives in the first place – anger, guilt, despair, etc. The original owner and builder of the home is also there because he still considers the home his and does not feel the need to move on.  The team was able to convince the original owner and the spinster sister to move on, but the suicide has not left. As of this writing, the present owner is still experiencing feelings of choking.  The team has offered to return to continue the healing process with the suicide.

Case Remains Open.