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Killingly, CT 

Date:August 2008
Location: Killingly,, CT

Historical Background A lovely farmhouse built in 1910 and situated on the Rhode Island line, the house had been in the current family since 1965 after winning the property in a poker game.  All the holiday festivities were always focused around the house. The current owner bought the property about 8 years ago from his mother-in-law after his father-in-law died in the house. The current owner had a family of four and once again used the house as a gathering place for family.  Three years ago the wife left and asked for a divorce. This is when the owner noticed a shift in the energy of the house and started to feel uneasy and fearful. The holiday celebrations stopped and what had once been the center of family activity ceased. The current owner seemed to encounter one road block after another. His health declined, his finances dwindled and he was ultimately forced to put the property on the market three years ago.

Findings:  The team did a walk through and took pictures and recordings. The heaviness and the feeling of being watched were palpable. Upon entering one of the rooms in the garage, the team felt the spirit of a young boy and had a feeling that a terrible accident had occurred in this room.  One of the team members could smell blood. They left the garage and felt the presence of the young boy follow them into the house. Upon entering the house they could sense the presence of an older man and another young boy who they surmised was the older brother of the boy they had found in the garage. The energy from the man was that of a domineering, stern, humorless personality, while the energy of the boys seemed to indicate a fear regarding their father. The team was able to ascertain that the entity had also experienced his wife leaving him, causing the bitterness that seemed to envelope him, as well as the burden of caring for two children on his own.

Conclusion:   After much persuasion, the team was able to release the male entity. Once his spirit was gone, it was easier to release the boys. Once this was accomplished, the owner noticed a significant difference in the energy of the house.  He was able to get a bid on the house within a few weeks of the clearing and is working towards freeing himself of the heavy weight of responsibilities.

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Reason for Haunting:  Many times when a living person experiences a traumatic incident in their lives, such as a break-up of a marriage, they will attract a spirit who experienced an identical trauma in their life. This appears to be a case of ‘like energy attracting like energy’. The owner’s wife left him and the team discovered an entity who had suffered the same situation. The heaviness of the spirit’s anger and bitterness actually intermingled with that of the living owner, so that the owner was not only experiencing his own grief at the loss of his marriage, but also unknowingly experiencing that of the spirit’s as well. Adding to the heaviness of the energy was the fearful hold the entity had on his sons, causing the living owner to also experience fear and anxiety. Once the team was able to release that energy, the living owner was able to turn his life around, unburdened by such heavy emotions that, in many cases, were not his, or were amplifying his own.

Case Closed.