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Survival Guilt 

Date:Summer 2008
Location: Hartford, CT

Historical Background A small house that has witnessed bad luck, ghostly visitations from a malevolent spirit, physical attacks and a heaviness that permeates the residence.  Another paranormal investigation team had been called in, but after being physically attacked by what they felt was an evil spirit, left and asked the Spirit Light Network to investigate.

Findings:  Several things happened.  One of the team members had a dream the previous night of seeing a large lion.  Upon entering the basement where the other paranormal team had been attacked, we found a large lion drawn on the wall.  Just as the team leader was about to say a prayer, he felt what can only be described as tentacles hitting his back.  The picture below taken right at that moment shows what appear to be tentacles on his back, as well as the lion drawing on the wall.  The team found three entities in the home: (a) the spirit of a young woman, between 18-22 years old, who had been beaten to death by her boyfriend and whom she still loved and was waiting for despite what had been done to her; (b) the spirit of a previous owner who had survived WW2, but had lost friends there and carried guilt over surviving.  An alcoholic, he still considered this house his and was very resentful of the present occupants; (c) the spirit of a recently deceased husband of one of the occupants of the home.  After speaking with the present owners, it was discovered that the children had seen the spirit of a young girl several times, as well as that of an older gentleman.  They also reported smelling alcohol, though none were drinking at the time.

Conclusion:   The team discovered that one of the inhabitants of the home had also suffered physical abuse from an ex-husband.  The team believes that the dead girl was drawn to that same type of energy and did not belong to the house.  They were able to convince her that she didn’t need to wait for her boyfriend anymore and that it was alright for her to leave.  One of the team members physically channeled the angry ex-owner where the story of his service during WW2 was revealed.  The rest of the team were able to help him through his guilt and anger and he was reunited with his army ‘buddies’ and crossed.

Reason for Haunting:  There were two events happening in this home.  The first had to do with the spirit of the girl, who had suffered abuse in her life being drawn to the abuse the living woman had suffered in her own life.  Lost souls will many times seek out the kind of energy they were familiar with in their lives and this is what the team believes happened in this case. Through prayer and counseling, the team was able to release her. The ex-owner, an angry alcoholic recluse in life, hung on to his home, resentful of anyone who entered “his” house. This anger was fueled by deep feelings of guilt at having survived the war when many of his friends did not. By transmuting those heavy emotions, the team was able to ‘lighten’ him enough that he was able to cross.  The third spirit, who was the husband of one of the living inhabitants, was not ready to go just yet and the team did not try to cross him.  Later the team discovered from neighbors that indeed, an angry alcoholic who kept to himself did live in that home at one time.  The present inhabitants have not reported any more problems since the team visited.

Case Closed.